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Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper

To begin with, are you looking for where to buy code 69 liquid incense on paper? then you are in the right place.

Get the Code 69 liquid incense printed on paper online(code 69 sheets infused with code). The product is well known as a brand product due to the result of decades of expertise in the field of drugs. It is made from Synthetic cannabinoids, which are created by experienced employees in testing laboratories. Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper

Further more Cannabinoids are sprayed on the paper to provide the most flavorful experience on the market of infused papers. We have received a lot of positive reviews of Code 69infused sheets due to the simple method of getting high, and it is being sold like hotcake in the market. Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper

Each A4 sheet is infused with 25ml Code 69 liquid incense and the size of the paper is 8.5”x11.0 inches. Save on a variety of products!

Purchase additional K2 liquids paper and study chemical.

Code 69 incense

Spray K2 from Wholesale applied to paper

Liquid Bizarro K2 on paper

Spray K2 on papers

The liquid K2 spray is available in bulk for paper

K2 spice-infused paper

A4 Paper: 180$

  • Rare product
  • A long-lasting effect S
  • Smoking pleasure cigarettes

It can be used in any type of setting. We recommend that you use it inside to get the most delicious tasting of the product you want to purchase. Cod 69 Liquid Incense paper stimulates the nerves of your body and can assist your nervous system to improve the efficiency of your work. The most effective product to take and reduce time since it is a complete item to consume. Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper

In addition, once you’ve consumed only a tiny amount you’ll feel energized when you reach the maximum. The majority of people use this product to improve their performance due to the pure extract form. certain people make use of this product to conquer many kinds of anxieties and depression. It makes you feel at ease, which will enhance your skills to learn with the most effective outcome. Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper

Don’t use the code incense 69:

  • Women who are pregnant shouldn’t take this medication.
  • Do not use this product prior to you turn 18.


Use only code 69 infused sheets to treat specific mental disorders and other health issues because of their fast-reacting properties. Additionally, use the product in small amounts when you are making use of Liquid cocaine in the paper you are using for the first. Buy Code 69 Liquid Incense on Paper


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